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Many of us have been in physical pain or emotional discomfort for so long that we’ve forgotten what being healthy actually feels like.  The nagging shoulder injury that won’t heal.  The painful menstrual cycle.  The inescapable dread of anxiety.   The exhausting struggle with chronic disease.

We turn to conventional medicine but are disappointed with its over-reliance on medication, ten minute consultations, and one-size-fits-all treatments.

We’re at a loss and growing weary of the old adage, “Just grin and bear it.”

Acupuncture liberates.  You can heal.  You can feel better.  Your body can strengthen itself so that you are able to enjoy a life filled with quality and joy.

Pain and disease appear when the body has blockage, energetic or physiological.  Dam a river and watch the water stagnate and grow murky.  By restoring balance, acupuncture opens these snags and then supports the body as it begins the healing process.  Once you’re feeling better, acupuncture works as a highly preventative medicine, an immunity builder, and a tool for general relaxation to keep you pain free, stress free, and in vibrant health.

Welcome.  I am Dr. Fred Ragsdale, an American acupuncturist licensed by both the state of California and the NCCAOM.  I have a board specialty in pain management and orthopedics and have extensive experience with women’s health/fertility, pediatrics,  and mental health conditions.

In Japanese tradition, 1000 origami cranes are given as a symbol of long lasting health.  I offer you 1000 folded cranes with the sincere hope for your health and happiness.  Please review the conditions treated page to see if acupuncture is right for you.  Contact us to arrange a free 15 minute consultation  or simply book an appointment.